What is UniArts


Blockchain has evolved, with the development of projects like Polkadot, Ethereum 2.0 and Cosmos, shading and layering has become the Architecture Vision of blockchain networks. When major protocols can ensure the security of other networks through its own validator and slots or other solutions, chains that specialize in a specific application scope can be well developed.

About UniArts

Uniarts is a substrate based blockchain network for NFT creation, auction and circulation. With its own industry level NFT creation tool and cross-chain solution, Uniarts aim to become the major gateway between business, individual or even A.I creators and blockchain networks, hence bring their unique artworks into an united NFT platform.

About AppChain

Uni-Arts focus on the scaled commercial application and diversified usage scenarios of NFTs, hence self-positioning as an application blockchain network. The protocol layer of Uni-Arts providing security and other decentralized infrastructure, like virtual machines, for on-chain Flow2D and NFT mart, that differs from public chain whose main goal is to build a protocol-level infrastructure. According to the current and future lamination of blockchain networks, major-chains like Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot is layer 0, Parachains like cross-chain bridges and other infrastructure are Layer 1, and AppChain should be Layer 2.

Architecture Design

Uni-Arts Network is a blockchain network based on Substrate technology. It has several models that enhance NFT in different way. The structure of Uni-Arts shown as follow:

NFT Authoring SDK

NFT Authoring SDK is a set of plug-in tools for mainstream editor software, such as Photoshop, Cubism Editor, and Final Cut Pro. It can transfer pictures, videos & audios or even animated Interactive 2D illustrations & 3D models into NFTs and publish it on the Uniarts network directly from editor software. NFT Authoring SDK is user-friendly that allow community creators to transfer their artworks into NFT with almost zero knowledge of blockchain.

Economic Model

The native token for Uni-Arts is U-arts, its main uses include:

On-chain governance

Uni-Arts uses Substrate technology to build an on-chain governance mechanism. The main function is for the processing major events or future proposals for system improvements. The voting function of on-chain governance allows U-Art holders to participate in the construction of the network and ecology.

Business and Community Development

Being an AppChain that focus on the scaled commercial application and diversified usage scenarios of NFTs, Uni-arts has a clear BD Strategy: Focus on PR & Promotion company with self-media/branding as surplus.

Road Map




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