Vote for the Best Crypto art Event

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3 min readAug 13, 2021

🤝Jointly initiated by the UniArts Network and Crypto Art Panda, the theme of this event is “Vote for the Best Cryptoart”. The event aims to simulate the NFT-focused NPOS economic model customized by the UniArts Network, and let users vote for the works of participating artists. Artists and users corresponding to top-ranked works will be rewarded with the purpose of allowing users to understand the UniArts Network economic model.

⬇️Event Details:

💰The total bonus of this event is 5000 USDT
📅The event time is from August 14th to September 4th, 2021.

⬇️The roles in this event include the following:

Artist: provide at least one work

User: You can vote for the works provided by the artist (more precisely, you can vote for one piece every day until the end of the event)

After the event is over, the 21 top-ranked works will be selected according to the number of votes, with the event bonus evenly distributed. The reward recipients are the artists who provided the works and the users who voted for the works. The specific distribution is as follows:

- Voting users account for 75%, and the corresponding rewards are allocated according to the percentage of users’ votes to the total number of votes for a certain work. For example, if work A is selected, the total number of votes is 10, and user B casts two votes, then B can get rewards of 5000U/21 × 75% × 2/10 = 44.6 USDT.

- Artists account for 25% of rewards, with each of the selected 21 works corresponding to the artist’s reward, i.e. 5000U/21 × 25% = 59.5 USDT.

(4) The selected works in this event will be exhibited on the metaverseses Cryptovoxels and Decentraland. Users can click ( to view each exhibition address, click to enter directly, or click ( to enter the UniArts Network official Telegram group, and our official staff will lead you through the process.

⬇️How do users participate in this event?

🔰 Click the link to enter, and complete the corresponding steps.

Twitter login & Follow the UniArts Network Twitter
Follow the Crypto Art Panda Tweet
Post a tweet with the hashtags #UniArts #CryptoArtPanda.
You then fill in your TRC20 USDT address and select your favorite artwork.

🔰 Users can choose to click to enter the UniArts Network official Telegram group. The official staff will guide you to the exhibition halls closely related to this event in the metaverses Cryptovoxels and Decentraland. There users can play around, promote themselves and take group photos in specific scenes.

🔰 After the end of the event, the UniArts Network and Crypto Art Panda will conduct fair and unified processing of data of participants. Users need only wait, and rewards will be uniformly distributed by UniArts Network officials within 14 days of the close of the event.

To learn more about the UniArts Network economic model, click the link below👇

About UniArts Network

UniArts is a multi-network NFT ecosystem with substrate-developed mainnet, as well as EVMS-based smart contracts for NFT infrastructure. Providing crowd voting incentives, DAO curation, and art grants, UniArts strives to achieve the democratization of art.

🐼About Crypto Art Panda🐼

Cryptroart Panda is a one-month long cryptoart themed events of China cryptoart community. The activities are 100% organized by the community, and all required plots, skills and resources are completely contributed by the community members, truly achieving art of the community, by the community and for the community. The current activities include artwork exhibitions, music parties, NFT collective creation and artwork competitions. Cryptoart Panda is becoming the most active force in the China cryptoart community.