UniArts: Visionaries

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2 min readJun 27, 2022

The artworld is a community connected by a common interest in art.

It includes artists, collectors, art institutes, galleries, creators of fine art and graphic art, as well as other art professionals.

In recent years NFT artists have joined this vibrant and young community.

With it brings an entirely new culture…including some that are new to the business side of art.

The business of the arts is bristling with labyrinthine traditions and customs with an ongoing dialogue between disputing parties.

Artists are visionaries. They have the power of creation and from that, they concoct and shape their universes for those who are willing to delve into those wonderful worlds linked to nothing beyond one artist’s mind. When we look at any form of artwork the foremost question in our minds should be “what meaning does that have?”

Modern or contemporary pieces can derive from a multitude of various mediums; including Visual Arts (painting), Animation (Cartoons), and Architectural Design.

Art is a form of non-verbal communication. It aims to create tangible responses related to feelings, emotions, and physiological states without words or linguistic outputs. It is not just a representation of the objects we see in our lives.

When seen critically and aesthetically, art allows us to explore how human lives interact with the environment through creation and expression. This experience can lead us to develop new meaning as well as reach a more profound understanding of individual realities within society and ourselves.

Art serves many purposes: it reflects what we know about the world; it brings beauty; it teaches us about human interactions within society; it provokes emotions about who we are and why we do what we do individually and collectively etc.

The current art world is an increasingly fractured, piecemeal affair, one that seems to be separating into those who are revolting and those who have settled.

Art is the general term for all the visual arts and crafts, practiced professionally as a way of life. Art is not just about creative expressions but also about having a deeper level of meaning and understanding for what one practice.

This is what UniArts brings to the table.