UniArts Partners with Rangers Protocol to Expand to Multiple Blockchains

Rangers Protocol specializes in blockchain infrastructure for the future of the virtual world, providing a vertically integrated solution that can support non-fungible token (NFT) development and many other complex applications, including a cross-chain bridge tool called Rangers Connector, which is the leading cross-chain bridge tool available today. The Rangers Connector uses a consensus mechanism based on a combination of Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), which maximizes cross-chain stability and asset security while enabling the complete transfer of NFT data.

UniArts is a multi-network NFT ecosystem that directly promotes artist’s work, incentivizes community voting, and is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). After an artist uploads their work to UniArts, the community casts votes for their favorites, and those with the most traction are appropriately rewarded, with offline curation potential for the most popular pieces.

UniArts’ NFTs will be displayed directly on other platforms via the Rangers Connector cross-chain bridge. This increased accessibility will increase voting volume for each piece while keeping the original NFT data intact.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol specializes in blockchain infrastructure for the future virtual world. It’s ethernet compatible, specializes in supporting NFT and complex applications, and incorporates and extends cross-chain protocols, NFT protocols, EVM protocols, and distributed network protocols.

About UniArts

UniArts is a multi-network NFT ecosystem developed on Substrate, which supports EVM-based smart contracts. It also offers community voting incentives, DAO curation, and the democratization of art through direct funding.

Website: https://uniarts.network

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