UniArts Network and DeCredit Enter into Partnership; DeCredit to Lend to NFTs on UniArts Network

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between DeCredit and the UniArts Network, a multi-network NFT ecosystem that will see DeCredit providing lending services to UniArts Network’s NFTs.

DeCredit uses a decentralized, smart contract that runs automatically and collaborates with a prophecy machine feeding the price to effectively assess the borrower’s creditworthiness and ability to repay. It has a credit model algorithm that evaluates the borrower and grants a corresponding credit enhancement based on their credit rating for a higher borrowing limit.

As the DeCredit protocol evolves and new collateral is added to the collateral portfolio, DEFI investments will cover a wider range of assets. DeCredit will work with NFT companies, trusts, lending companies, real estate and much more around the world.

UniArts Network is a multi-network NFT ecosystem that provides services such as work uploading, community voting, and DAO governance. For example, artists can upload their works on UniArts Network and allow community users to vote on the uploaded NFT works. Both the works that receive votes and the users who vote will be rewarded with new UART blocks. The best works and users with unique vision will also get the opportunity to exhibit and curate offline.

DeCredit provides an effective way for NFT owners on UniArts Network to increase liquidity. DeCredit introduces NFT to lending. UniArts Network is a professional, reliable organization and DeCredit offers a multi-currency lending pool to work with UniArts Network.

NFTs will find their fair value in the UniArts Network, and users in the UniArts Network can pledge their NFTs to DeCredit’s smart contracts, while uploading the corresponding asset owner credit data to DeCredit’s prophecy machine for credit rating. In the partnership, DeCredit will set different collateral rates for these NFTs based on their market fondness and the minimum it will set different collateral rates for these NFTs is based on their market popularity and the number of minimum value-backed asset UARTs. Their owners can lend other FT assets through the collateral. After being rated, asset owners may receive a higher borrowable amount if they are creditworthy.

About DeCredit (English and Chinese)

DeCredit is a DeFi 2.0 protocol that empowers the DeFi market by introducing the credit loan models. It extends the crypto-collateralised lending model with a credit-based lending model, aiming to introduce off-chain credit ratings to the platform. By using credit authentication nodes and Oracle machines, it provides differentiated lending limits and interest rates based on on-chain and off-chain credit assessments, thereby bringing more lending markets into the ecosystem.

About UniArts Network

UniArts is a multi-network NFT ecosystem with substrate developed main-net as well as EVMs based smart contracts for NFT infrastructures. It also provides crowd voting incentives, DAO curation and art grant to help better achieve democratization of art.



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