UniArts is the future of the art world

UniArts is the future of the art world, as the art world grows, its accessibility grows lower and lower.

We plan to end that once and for all.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the sort of NFT infrastructure, community voting, DAO curation, and art grants that allow for the true democratization of art.

UniArts was developed with Substrate, our major functions are achieved by NPoS voting and on-chain governance which is aided by Substrate’s development.

It also pairs very nicely with other facilities which were developed with Substrate such as Crust, which handles decentralized content storage, a must-have for NFT connoisseurs.

Any artist can use UniArts, first upload your existing artwork, and mint each piece into an NFT.

Next, bind them with curators nodes.

After these two steps, people from all walks of life will be able to vote for the NFTs.

When your NFTs get enough votes — UARTS will be minted into your NFTs creating additional value!

UniArts has many partners in our current ecosystem, over 10 partners to be exact!

We are in the process of connecting with Artsy and Processing, market leaders in online galleries and visual art languages respectively.

UniArts features NFT protocols, NFT creation tools, NPOS driven by NFT creation and appreciation.

NFTs can be minted on the UniArts Network at any time of the day…any day!

The UniArts Dev team has been working tirelessly to add more features that help us stand out amongst our competitors, most recent unique NFT related NPOS, artiest incubation, and voting to have a larger user base, artworks mint with tokens to Increase liquidity.

UniArts mainnet is currently running in PoA state; NPoS & Governance modules are under development. app.uniarts.me; consists of both an NFT mart DApp for artworks voted by NPoS and for established artists invited by UniArts.

You may ask where is NPoS from and we’d be more than happy to answer that it’s from Polkadot and substrate, in easy language, its people staking their token to vote for a network node in order to receive a block reward. The selected nods are responsible for ensuring the stable operation of the blockchain network, receive block rewards as payments for doing so, and also allocate the block reward between themselves and people who vote for them.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniartsNetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/uniarts



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