UniArts: Improving

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2 min readMay 21, 2022


We are heavily invested in a world that revolves around blockchain technology, UniArts has taken the art world by storm and grabbed media attention from the most important people in the industry.

More importantly, UniArt is well-equipped to revolutionize the way art is auctioned and purchased online.

Cultural work is becoming more decentralized with the rise of platforms such as UniArts.


With the UniArts app, an artist can create digital art.

Fans will buy this digital art and they can keep it in their virtual gallery or trade it. In the end, this decentralized art market has both buyers and sellers so that nobody needs to go through a third party anymore.

UniArts is a revolutionary NFT Project that allows newfound artists a platform to express unlimited creativity and boundless possibilities.

The ultimate goal is to create the kind of NFT infrastructure, community voting, DAO curation, and art subsidies that will really democratize art.

UniArts currently has 14 partners including Crust Network for NFT data storage and Darwinia Network for cross-chain solutions.

With UniArts, artists can create NFTs with their works, and UARTs token holders can stake their tokens to vote for these NFTs.


NFTs have been misunderstood since their inception, but they act as a tool to help create timeless pieces of art and memorialize them for millennia.

Our mission is to help creators at the moment the artwork market is being monopolized.

Artists are being rejected by galleries and their art is being underestimated in value.

With Uniarts, you don’t have to sell your work, being loved by the community and being voted in will allow you to receive rewards as well as a chance to receive art grants.

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