UniArts: How we’re Shaping the Future

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2 min readMar 12, 2022

UniArts is one of the most cutting-edge projects of our time; we are changing the game and helping the art community by introducing NFTs in a brand new light.

So how will it work? We couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

UniArts works based on an “Appreciate to Earn” NFT vote mining and a curatorial position bidding system.

For many years there have been many different forms of “gatekeeping” when it comes to art; UniArts aims to fix many issues in the art community with NFTs and the help of our amazing community.

UniArts is a decentralized value discovery system for artists and art collectors; our ultimate goal is to provide the sort of NFT infrastructure, community voting, DAO curation, and art grants that allow for the true democratization of art.

When the democratization of art is completed, artists will be able to fulfill their dreams of creating art for all members of society to enjoy for years to come.

We hate the artwork market being monopolized by a few; we are saddened to see talented artists being rejected by galleries and their works underestimated.

In UniArts, artists don’t have to sell their works. Being loved by people and voted in will give you the chance to receive rewards, receive art grants, and be listed in offline curation.

UniArts’ focus and goals vary from the majority of NFT platforms.

We are all about voting, selecting, incubating artists, and letting more appreciators discover and trade their amazing artworks.

Established artists will also find great value in UniArts, though they are not the main focus, which is another unique aspect of our model.

We have to diversify in the future by collaborating with a multitude of different creative artists.

Artist incubation is and always will be our primary focus; we will also be providing business solutions for IPs to set up an NFT marketplace that supports fiat-money purchases.

UniArts is also expanding into a multi-chain ecosystem, like Polygon and Dfinity.

We also value community voting and have implemented it into our design. There will be numerous aspects with which users can vote. Stay tuned for these details as they unfold!

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