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2 min readApr 8, 2022

NFTs can be intimidating to some, luckily we’ll be explaining everything to you shortly.

UniArts Network is a start-up in the crypto space that is focusing on giving creators and artists a platform to share their work with the world.

Our network grants users access to places where people can showcase their work without being judged by others.

We want people to be able to express themselves freely and without any form of censorship.

At UniArts we believe that freedom of expression should not be limited by geographical borders.

NFTs are a new form of digital art that is not limited to the physical world. They are a digital representation of artwork that can be traded, bought, and sold on the blockchain.

Think of them as digital collectibles that can be used as a currency, traded as an asset on secondary markets, or collected as a work of art in itself. NFTs exist on the blockchain, which means they’re completely decentralized and cannot be counterfeited.

This makes them an ideal form of digital collectible for artists to sell their work on without worry that it will be pirated and sold for profit by someone else.

NFTs also offer artists more control over their intellectual property than traditional forms of media like DVDs or music CDs.

NFTs are rising in value as they become more popular and more people start to invest in them. The artworld is corrupt and NFTs are starting to be used more because they allow for a fairer system where artists can get paid for their work without having to go through galleries or other middlemen.

By catering to the needs of artists and collectors it’s possible for us to highlight key issues pertinent to the art world, crypto, and emerging technologies.

The art world is changing with the introduction of NFTs and blockchain technology. The introduction of this new form of art has disrupted the way we see art and it is changing how we buy it. This new form of art is making the process more transparent, decentralized, and secure.

NFTs are not just a way to invest in an artist’s work, but they can also be used as a medium for exchange in the future.

The future of the art world may be in blockchain-based digital assets or NFTs.

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