Airdrop Distribution Announcement

The 💲UART for the airdrop campaign with @Chair_Finance has been distributed, and the list of rewarded users is as follows:

You can click and switch to the Polygon network to check the number of UARTs you will get. UniArts Network’s NFT gallery “Impossible Art Formula” will be launched on October 15th. You can pledge UART/WETH to vote for your favorite NFT to get more UARTs. If your NFT is sold in a subsequent auction, you will have the opportunity to receive an additional UART bonus.

UART Contract address:


UART will be launched on BitMart exchange around mid-November. Please follow our Twitter and wait for the official announcement.

The following address can be checked around the 15th of this month as the first airdrop activity has been participated in before, and the airdrop bonus this time can be taken out after the opening of coin withdrawal:




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