UniArts And Its Ever-Growing Relationship With Web3

UniArts has actively been involved in creating innovations in the NFT and Web3 realms. A key principle of this platform is similar to what is obtainable in Web3, which is giving the power and control to the community. They own their data and decide what happens.

The internet will continue to grow with new innovations being churned out, as time elapses. It has moved from Web1.0 down to Web 2.0, which is the current infrastructure that the world uses. The voyage to Web 3.0 has begun, and UniArts is partnering with other leaders to drive this change. One of these leaders is the Web3 Foundation.

Web3 will be built on the decentralized infrastructure of the blockchain technology, and remove the centralized effects that are currently available at the moment. Instead of a few conglomerates controlling the data of billions of people globally and deciding what happens, Web3 will put the control in the hands of people.

A way that UniArts is dedicated to doing this is through the innovations that it releases regularly.

The Web3 Foundation was founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, with the aim of bringing web3.0 solutions to the present. He is also the founder of Polkadot and the former CTO of Ethereum. The Web3 Foundation is one of the most important crypto foundations, which has an important role of ushering in Web3 innovations, and to do this, it has created a Grant Program that funds the research and development of revolutionary solutions in this space. The aim of the products that are created in this program is to widely be used by community members.

As an avid supporter with an innovative development team always researching about implementing the tenets of this technology, UniArts is creating the UniScan feature, which is sponsored by the Web3 Foundation Grant.

UniArts dedication to changing the NFT and Web3 worlds and creating a bridge between both has created a buzz for the community.

UniScan is a multi chain NFT Explorer that will make it easy to analyze, track and discover NFTs. At the moment, this aspect in the NFT ecosystem is missing, and UniArts is trying to fill the gap.

With this tool, collectors and other NFT enthusiasts can easily discover and analyze NFTs.

The development of this important tool is on its way, and at the moment, it has passed its milestone 1 evaluation, which is great news for the NFT ecosystem.

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