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2 min readMay 29, 2022

The term Non-Fungible Token, or NFT in short, is a cryptocurrency asset.

NFT assets have unique metadata and don’t have any duplicate copies.

So what makes them so useful?

By making use of NFTs as the base for a token economy, designers can create progress with code protected from tampering.

UniArts was developed with the artist best interest in mind, some of our major functions are achieved by NPoS voting and on-chain governance which is aided by Substrate’s development.

Artists can easily use UniArts to create their own unique artworks.

Upload your existing artworks and mint them into NFTs, next bind them with our curator nodes and people will be able to vote for the NFT they like.

When your NFTs get enough votes UARTS will be minted into your NFTs adding additional value.

This prevents a negative feedback loop and instead encourage a positive feedback loop allowing us to be sustainable and used for an extremely long time.

Our goals and focus are extremely different than the majority of NFT platforms.

We encourage our users to vote, select, and incubate artists.

Most artists are like hidden gems and have to be discovered by the community.

An established artist in our ecosystem will also find great value in UniArts although they are not our main focus.

UniArts DAO system is one of our best features.

We have plans of diversifying in the future and we have already expanded on most of our ideas.

On our platform, NFTs can be minted and exported into other NFT marketplaces but in doing so you will lose access to our powerful platform.

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