UniArts Network

Uniarts Network
2 min readMar 3, 2021

Value Network for Original Fine Arts

UniArts, Uniqueness United

About Uni-Arts

UniArts is a multi-network NFT ecosystem with substrate developed main-net as well as EVMs based smart contracts for NFT infrastructures, it also provides crowd voting incentives, DAO curation and art grant to help better achieve democratization of art.

With UniArts, artists can create NFTs with their works, and UARTs token holders can stake their tokens to vote for these NFTs. UniArts’ consensus mechanism mints part of the block’s reward to the NFT for making it a composite asset of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. It allocates the rest of the block reward to the token holders who placed the votes. As a result, NFT artworks attached to extra tokens provide more incentive for collectors to purchase them. Based on this fact, owners may choose to lock their NFTs to their address, sacrificing their liquidity as a trade-off to ownership maintenance.

UniArts’ Mainnet

The block of UniArts mainnet is generated by a random validator every 6 seconds. Initially, there will be 21 validators in total and will be open for registration before the mainnet launches. UniArts’ mainnet will first launch in POA state; after token release, the number of validators may gradually increase. If there are 21 working validators, the network will be open for a vote using an NPoS mechanism. When the vote passes, UniArts will transfer into NPoS consensus.

NPoS driven by NFT Creation and Appreciation

UniArts’ consensus utilizes NPoS that is driven by NFT creation and appreciation. UniArts’ NPoS mechanism requires creators to mint NFTs with their works and bind their address with a running node to become the validator candidate. Holders of UART tokens can nominate preferred NFT validators and earn additional UART in the process. UniArts’ NPoS mints a portion of the block reward into NFTs, which bind validators and creators. NFT owners may choose to pin the NFT on their address to retrieve UARTs. Nominators vote for NFTs instead of nodes to gain staking rewards.

Addition Information

Currently, UniArts has released its test network and Dapp Demo, some main features are still in development, and detailed road map will be released soon. More information about UniArts can be found here:

Github , for Codes and Documentation;
Official Website ;
Dapp Demo;
Blockchain Explorer;

Uni-Arts, unite of uniqueness.