Tutorial: Staking UART to Vote NFTs you like and earn more UART

Uniarts Network
2 min readDec 30, 2021
  1. Purchase UART and send it to the Polygon or BSC

$UART Purchase Tutorial:


2. You are not ready to visit the gallery! Sign in at: https://af.uniarts.network :

Click here to sign in with your wallet address:

Ensure your MetaMask or other wallet is switched to Polygon or BSC:

3. Browse the individual pieces and vote on your favorite NFTs (top red rectangle):

Alternatively, click on “view all candidates” to browse all on one page.

4. In the below dropdown, choose UART:

Note :you are only staking your UART, not spending it. It can be retrieved the following day.

5. In your account screen, you can view your votes by selecting “My Votes.” Note that there will be a delay of up to 11 minutes for your vote to show up based on Polygon/BSC traffic.

At UTC 00:00, your voting reward will be distributed. Also at this time, you may retrieve your staked UART.

Thank you for your participation and interest in UniArts and the exceptional artwork that is featured. This should be quite fun for all users! We appreciate you visiting.