The goal for UniArts

Uniarts Network
2 min readJan 31, 2022


Our ultimate goal is to provide the sort of NFT infrastructure, community voting, DAO curation, and art grants that allow for the true democratization of art.

For this to be possible, artists must first use our platform.

Luckily for them — it’s quite simple.

First, upload your existing artwork and mint each piece into an NFT. Next, bind them with curators (validator) nodes. After these two steps, people will be able to vote for the NFTs. When your NFTs get enough votes, UARTS will be minted into your NFTs, adding additional value.

UniArts has disrupted the industry by focusing on long-term goals that vary from the majority of the NFT Platforms.

Artists can create artworks and mint NFT with their creations, bind the NFTs with curator nodes to be voted, the block reward will be mint into NFTs once the curator is selected as the validator.

The curator has a few essential duties in the UniArts ecosystem. To give a brief example of some:

Curators run nodes for the network.

Invite artists to bind the NFTs they minted with nodes, subsequently empowering their work to be capable of receiving votes.

One of the innovations we are most proud of is the implementation of Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS) voting to “crowd select” some of the most desirable artworks and mint block rewards into NFTs. This will have a positive effect on liquidity and quality incentives.

NPoS stands for Nominated Proof-of-Stake, which has been adopted from both Polkadot and Substrate. In the simplest of terms, it’s people staking their tokens to vote for network nodes in order to receive block rewards. The selected nodes are responsible for ensuring the stability of the network and receive rewards for doing so, along with the token holders that voted for them.

We are all about voting, selecting, and incubating hidden gem artists and promoting their appreciators to trade and discover more of them. Established artists will also find great value in UniArts, though they are not the main focus, which is another unique aspect of our model.

UniArts has partnered with key industry leaders — UniArts currently has 14 partners including Crust Network for NFT data storage and Darwinia Network for cross-chain solutions. We are in the process of connecting with Artsy and Processing, market leaders in online galleries and visual art languages respectively.

While artist incubation is and always will be our primary focus, we will also be providing business solutions for IP to set up an NFT marketplace that supports flat-money purchases. UniArts is also expanding into a multi ecosystem, like Polygon and Difinty.

Art should be like a… “page torn from the book of life.” (Walter Sickert)