Project UNISCAN launch

Core components

In the grant’s milestone 1, we implemented three core components. These three core components are used to discover NFTs on blockchains.



In the grant’s milestone2, we implemented the whole system includes the models. The models are the most important part of the whole system. It defines the data structure and business logic and is the foundation of the ecosystem.

Future plan

After the functions described in the grant are implemented, UNISCAN will do market research and a product redesign to make UNISCAN functions and UI truly meets the market needs.

  • Support more evm based chain
  • Support wasm based NFTs
  • Support more NFT types or specifications, such as RMRK
  • Market data & view
  • Record important addresses and level them
  • Statistic chart, such as transfer frequency statistic
  • Signup & Sign in. Add NFTs to the favorites.



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