Ideology & Methodology of UniArts’ Network:

  • Nominators stake their tokens to vote for the NFTs bonded with validator candidates;
  • These votes are counted and decide which candidate nodes can become validators;
  • Once selected, validators are able to receive block rewards, and 25% of which will be minted into NFTs bonded with validators;
  • Validators are able to decide the allocation of remaining 75% between them and nominators who vote for the NFTs;
  • Find enough curators who either have good connections with artists or collected some quality NFTs themselves, at the same time they also need to understand how to run a node or at least run it via third-party services;
  • Have a community that understands how the system works, and is willing to purchase UART in order to vote;
  • Launch a testnet, not only to test the technical aspects of the solution, but also the feasibility of the economic model and community mindset
  • We have launched our mainnet without the designed feature, only as a basic substrate based blockchain network with EVM support.
  • Launched a NFT gallery on an established network and using smart contracts to simulate the operation of one validator to achieve the designed feature and economy model.
  1. UART & wETH holders can stake their token to vote for the NFTs that they think are most in-demand to earn UART reward.
  2. There are 6 NFTs candidates for each voting round, the period of which lasts 14 days.
  3. All NFTs will be transferred to an auction round after the voting round finishes, and the period of auction around is 5 days
  4. According to the number of votes obtained by each NFT, UART rewards will be cast into NFTs, which can be retrieved by the owner.
  5. Vote for NFT won’t cost any token, the voted token can be retrieved at UTC 00:00 the next day.
  6. Vote reward will be distributed at UTC 00:00 everyday during the voting period.
  7. Auction reward will be distributed after the auction round. The higher the deal price, the more benefit will be available for the voters of the NFT.
  8. If NOT retrieved, the voted token will be counted as another vote for the same NFT.
  9. 1 wETH vote = 100 UART vote
  10. Both vote rewards and auction rewards are bonded at first, you need to unbond your UARTs in order to withdraw them into your wallet. Bonded UARTs can be used to vote for NFTs to earn more reward. Unbonding UARTs can NOT be used to vote.
  11. Unbonding UARTs takes 60 days to complete, and releases 1/60 of the total amount each day during the process.
  • Artists that have NFTs;
  • - Famous NFT collectors;
  • - Other NFT projects or projects with NFTs




Value network for original fine arts

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Uniarts Network

Uniarts Network

Value network for original fine arts

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