How UniArts works and what it is trying to do?

Uniarts Network
2 min readDec 15, 2021

How does UniArts work?

1. Holders of UART/wETH can vote for the NFTs exhibited in the UniArts network through staking. Users will earn new UART, and the NFTs will be cast into the newly issued UART according to the number of votes they get.

2. NFTs that have been voted on can be used as collateral in the lending platform.

3. The NFTs that have been voted on are not limited to the art category. They can also be used as game assets in the UniArts game and Play to earn ecosystem.

4. NFT projects, NFT collectors, etc. can compete by staking UART in UniArts network curated booths. Once the booths competition ends, they can exhibit NFT and call on their fans or community users to vote.

5. NFT collectors/creators, etc. can create their own “NFT Vault”. The vault contains many NFTs that support collectors to issue social tokens equivalent to the market value of the NFT in the Vault.

What are UniArts trying to do?

1. UniArts will encourage people to appreciate art and NFT through the income of UART.

2. It will provide basic value support for NFT by minting UART to NFT. The number of UARTs represents the consensus of the NFT in the UniArts network, allowing the users to find the fair value of the NFT.

3. NFTs with underlying value support will be used as collateral for lending platforms, improving the integration of NFTs into financial products.

4. By cooperating with more NFT game projects, the assets of other game projects will be used in the Play to Earn ecosystem in UniArts network. This will create a GameFi Lego similar to Defi Lego, which can also make art more interesting.

5. By allowing multiple projects to become curators, the UniArts network will aggregate many high-quality NFT projects. After the launch of the UniArts chain, it will gradually become the largest and strongest curatorial application chain. Users can interact with most high-quality NFT projects just on one chain.

6. It will cooperate with NFT projects to build a unique NFT first fair value issuance network. UniArts network will become a gold-plated platform for NFT, and an IDO platform for NFT-like assets, which offers more than an issue “assets-purchase” feature. It is offering value support for “vote- NFT”.

7. Lovers of NFTs in a Vault that are unable to buy an entire NFT in a short time can participate with UniArts. It will promote the interaction between creators and fans, and create a closer relationship through NFT Vault — social tokens.