How UniArt’s UniScan Can Benefit NFT Collectors

The NFT realm is growing, and many users are seeing the need to collect them. Some buy NFTs for the purpose of appreciating the art, others may do it for speculative purposes. Whatever the reason may be, there has been a recurring issue in the realm that has been ignored for a while. It is difficult for collectors to search for NFTs that they fancy. Searching for an NFT can be likened to looking for a needle in a stack of hays, and this is what UniArt is trying to solve with its innovative Web 3.0 innovation, UniScan.

With this feature, it is easy for users including collectors to find their favorite NFT collection. An innovative aspect of this tool is that it works on multiple chains, meaning that collectors do not have to restrict their search to one network. At the moment, the team behind UniArt is creating this feature through the grant by Web3 Foundation. It has also passed a crucial step, the milestone 1 evaluation.

• Seamless checking process

Collectors have to hop from one marketplace to the other, searching for NFTs, which is not efficient. It is a difficult experience, and in the end, the collector may not find what they want. UniScan makes the process a lot easier.

• Cross-chain functionality

Some NFT marketplaces are limited to one chain, meaning that NFT lovers won’t be able to find creations that are based on other networks, which is restrictive. For collectors that do not want to be limited to one chain, this feature can do the trick.

• Time saving

Instead of jumping from one NFT marketplace to the other, users can search for pieces in one spot. It makes the process easier and saves time that can be used to do other things.

• Opens collectors to a world of NFTs that they may have not known existed.

UniScan is designed to search for NFTs on multiple networks like Etheruem, Polygon, Polkadot, Kusama and so on. With this feature, collectors can find art pieces and other types of NFTs in spots that they didn’t know existed.

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