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4 min readFeb 15, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Celestial NFT voting round has ended. A large number of community users actively participated in the voting. All Celestial NFT have received a total of about 2.7million votes combined. Now, Celestial NFT has entered the auction stage. This article will take a look at “Celestial #2319”, which has the highest number of votes at 2.3 million, as an example, and analyze how you will become rich by participating in the auction.

The Token Mint in the above figure refers to the number of minted UARTs calculated by the smart contract, based on the number of votes cast by users for this work, and after users voted on Celestial #2319. As can be seen from the figure, 16640.3 $UART was minted into Celestial #2319.

For users, the biggest motivation to participate in the “Celestial #2319” auction comes from the outstanding financial attributes of “Celestial #2319”:

(1) The minted 16640.3 $UART can be withdrawn directly after owning Celestial #2319, whose value is about 1165 $USDT. The starting price of the Celestial NFT is set at 0.028 $ETH — about 80 $USDT. If you are lucky enough to bid this Celestial NFT at a price of 0.028 $ETH, you will directly get nearly 1165/80, which is about 14 times the profit.

(2)NFT is the core of Celestial, all systems are developed around NFT. Users who hold this NFT can get affluent returns in Celestial. NFT will be used in attack, defense, plunder, mining, etc.

Celestial NFT holders will enjoy the following benefits:

1. DeFi mining: holder’s NFT can mine CELT in Celestial.
2. Market transactions. In Celestial, we have a built-in NFT trading market and support
multi-currency payment. Players can use thier tokens to buy warships (there are many ways to obtain warships, such as airdrops, activity participation, etc).
3. Space rift competition: space rift opens every 24 hours, the entrant is limited to x (usually100). Players who entered the rift need to stake their purple cards, according to the percentage
of hash power to get Celt as rewards. ( players need to get back the warship from mining to participate).
4. Dungeon earn reward system
5. More game features will be developed, the warship in the game will have greater empowerment, which is equivalent to making up for the absence of a partner in the Gamefi section. The partner’s NFT can be used in Celestial, earn reward, battle, etc. In the game, there will be players fighting, plundering, land looting, etc., and the game also supports multiple tokens for payment

If you are a collector who can recognize the artistic value of this Celestial NFT, then its appeal should be greater than that of ordinary works of art. This stems from the fact that ordinary art belongs to the low-frequency trading category, and that this NFT has a higher liquidity; this is because the liquidity of the UART will pass to the NFT. Anyone who takes over the NFT can easily understand that even if no one in the world appreciates the work, the “piggy bank” in the NFT can be enough to attract investors.

Of course, there are other excellent Celestial NFT works that are also being auctioned, and their value is based on the aforementioned principles.

Did this article convey the concept in a clear and concise manner? If you obtained an understanding of the opportunities involved, click on the link to start your journey to riches:

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Celestial is a cross-chain metaverse game that combines GameFi, SocialFi, and NFT Swap with the theme of interstellar warfare. The players are able to ‘Play and Earn’.

Inspired by traditional games, the Celestial team aims to build an interstellar exploration chain game that is socially permeable, taking the player community culture as the pioneer, game and finance as the assistance. It opens the door to the real world players to spy on metaverse in a very interesting way and promotes the recurring operation of the game. The development core is not only game or finance.

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